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Job Creation & Community Development

Job Creation & Community Development

  • Dhaweeye has embraced the obligation and duty of developing Somalia as the home and origin of what will soon dominate the African ridesharing market. The company has invested heavily in building the most reliable app in the world, and the results are promising. In the process, the best developers, programmers, engineers, and IT specialists from Somali origins, and numerous experts from developed countries (most of whom are Somalis by origin), are now working day and night to make Dhaweeye a global masterpiece.
  • In the process, the dream remains developing the Somali community, as a nation, and as a people. Development of the larger society must start within, and not from without/outside Somali. Today, Dhaweeye employs over 72 Somali nationals, and interviews are ongoing on a daily basis. With over 1200 drivers and partners, Dhaweeye is still creating jobs and is expected to reach 5000 drivers before the end of 2019. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Somali community is at hand, and Dhaweeye is their child.

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The Dhaweeye Customer

  • Dhaweeye as a solution is first witnessed by the drivers, and then extended to passengers. In the engineering of Dhaweeye, the engineers have continuously added new features in the app, to reward customers as an additional benefit for the secure, safe, cheap, reliable, and cost-effective trips they take. This has helped Dhaweeye become a priced brand in Somalia.

The Dhaweeye Story

  • Dhaweeye has started its operations in Hargeisa on Feb 2018. It did not take long before Somalis understood the concept of ride sharing. Soon they were all on board. Both drivers and passengers flocking into the system. Now Dhaweeye had to expand their team, hire more engineers, management team and most importantly customer service representatives.