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Business Transport

Dedicated Cooperate Customer Service.

Specialized dedicated customer support is put in place, available to answer your questions, assist with bookings or any other issue you may face anytime. We are available on 24/7.

Airports. Hotels. Meetings. We are always there for you

WBook your ride in advance or get a ride on one tap when you are ready. Dhaweeye is always available. You just focus on Business and we focus on moving you around.

Designed for you by convenience in mind

With your own dashboard, you have access to check your spending on previous bookings, scheduled ones and you are in control of your payment methods and terms.

More than a Business

Whether you are at a meeting in Hargeisa, a lunch over in Kismayo or you have got something to catch in Mogadishu - Dhaweeye is your number partner. Let’s move you around.

Book your ride on demand or Schedule to a later date. Here is our main business deliverables.


Your business safety is not only a priority for to us, it’s a core foundation for our value.


Our drivers are always standby to ensure you your team gets the best of service during and after the ride.


Our drivers are always available wherever you are, and our customer service is open 24/7. We are on business.