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The Dhaweeye Customer

The Dhaweeye Customer

Dhaweeye as a solution is first witnessed by the drivers, and then extended to passengers. In the engineering of Dhaweeye, the engineers have continuously added new features in the app, to reward customers as an additional benefit for the secure, safe, cheap, reliable, and cost-effective trips they take. This has helped Dhaweeye become a priced brand in Somalia.

Feysal, a former journalist at China’s Xinhua News Agency, started using Dhaweeye few months ago while still working for the Chinese Media in Mogadishu. His testimony sums up what Dhaweeye has become for the customer:

“I realized driving with Dhaweeye was much better for me, more flexible, and better payment. I quit my journalism career to be my own boss, and since then, it is the only safe and secure mode of transport I know” he said.

Drivers too have had a very challenging time in Somalia, prior to the onset of Dhaweeye. They, like everybody else face changing lives, and their cars are the only source of income, and the only means of supporting families. The drivers have had to embrace unemployment, and Dhaweeye is now creating jobs for local graduates, and competitively so, based on international standards.

Drivers now esteem many success stories of what Dhaweeye has become. Flexible job opportunities for over a 1000 drivers only match the entrepreneurial spirit of the Somali community. Hussein for instance, joined Dhaweeye with his own car, now makes a minimum of $50 dollars daily, by simply using Dhaweeye. That is just one of the many success stories the app has facilitated.

Dhaweeye is looking forward to expand to more cities within the region. Even more, the app will soon be in the neighboring countries, like Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. The future of Dhaweeye is infinite, based not on its name, but its quality of service, reliability, safety measures, efficiency, and more so, cost-effectiveness.

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Job Creation & Community Development

  • Dhaweeye has embraced the obligation and duty of developing Somalia as the home and origin of what will soon dominate the African ridesharing market. The company has invested heavily in building the most reliable app in the world, and the results are promising. In the process, the best developers, programmers, engineers, and IT specialists from Somali origins, and numerous experts from developed countries (most of whom are Somalis by origin), are now working day and night to make Dhaweeye a global masterpiece.

The Future of Dhaweeye

  • One of the major problems that Dhaweeye has faced is the inaccuracy, unreliability, and narrow maps provided by Google. This has made it hard for them to give sufficient information about locations. Dhaweeye is investing in developing the geostatic map to replace the Google maps. Tabaraak ICT is geared towards developing Artificial Intelligence in improving standards of living across the country. Soon, with or without Google Maps, ridesharing in Somalia will be efficiently routed with absolute accuracy.