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The Future of Dhaweeye


  • One of the major problems that Dhaweeye has faced is the inaccuracy, unreliability, and narrow maps provided by Google. This has made it hard for them to give sufficient information about locations. Dhaweeye is investing in developing the geostatic map to replace the Google maps. Tabaraak ICT is geared towards developing Artificial Intelligence in improving standards of living across the country. Soon, with or without Google Maps, ridesharing in Somalia will be efficiently routed with absolute accuracy.

Developing Artificial Intelligence

  • The world is getting to the age of automation. We need computerized machines more than ever before. We will have automated cars, automated cooks, automated cleaners, and even automated teachers. The world of AI or Artificial Intelligence is now, and the future is fully automated. That explains why Dhaweeye is investing heavily in researching and integrating Artificial Intelligence into urban transport management, and more so in ridesharing. With Dhaweeye, the future is indeed here.

The Call Center Connectivity

  • As highlighted above, a highly customized Call Center, among the finest in the world today, has helped Dhaweeye eliminate many of the ridesharing problems Somalia faces. With the Call center, Dhaweeye can now provide 24/7 connectivity between needy passengers and the standby drivers reliably and conveniently, regardless of the pickup location. Consequently, the Call Center is only building a level of connectivity in ridesharing, specifically unique to Somalia, in a way that only Dhaweeye can do. As the CEO stated, the future is here, and Dhaweeye is at the heart of Somali’s tomorrow.

Food and Grocery Delivery

  • The hotel, restaurant, and mall industry in Somali cities is growing with unprecedented rates. Despite the insecurity fears, people must shop, eat, and lodge. Further, the culture of online and mobile shopping is catching up in Somalia, yet there lacks a reliable and efficient shopping and delivery application. Dhaweeye will soon incorporate a dynamic development into the app, facilitating cheap, efficient, and reliable delivery for food and groceries. With Dhaweeye, Somalia is going international, and the future is full of hope.

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The Dhaweeye Customer

  • Dhaweeye as a solution is first witnessed by the drivers, and then extended to passengers. In the engineering of Dhaweeye, the engineers have continuously added new features in the app, to reward customers as an additional benefit for the secure, safe, cheap, reliable, and cost-effective trips they take. This has helped Dhaweeye become a priced brand in Somalia.

The Dhaweeye Story

  • Dhaweeye has started its operations in Hargeisa on Feb 2018. It did not take long before Somalis understood the concept of ride sharing. Soon they were all on board. Both drivers and passengers flocking into the system. Now Dhaweeye had to expand their team, hire more engineers, management team and most importantly customer service representatives.