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Making It Possible towards the Sustainable Future

  • With as many barriers and challenges as existing in the region, introducing ridesharing in Somalia was a race against impossibilities. It had to start with educating people, both users and the drivers on what ridesharing meant. To do so, brand awareness strategies needed to first focus on educating and informing the Somali residents that the app not only made transport easier and convenient, but also safer and more reliable.

  • Tabaraak ICT first focused on engineering a reliable app, since while being rapid adaptors to technology, Somalis are not patient with operation bugs. The app needed to be efficient and error-free in operations. Today, what was previously an uphill battle, has recorded impressive results. Now, Dhaweeye’s plans to expand and reach more territories in 2019.

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The Dhaweeye Customer

  • Dhaweeye as a solution is first witnessed by the drivers, and then extended to passengers. In the engineering of Dhaweeye, the engineers have continuously added new features in the app, to reward customers as an additional benefit for the secure, safe, cheap, reliable, and cost-effective trips they take. This has helped Dhaweeye become a priced brand in Somalia.

The Dhaweeye Story

  • Dhaweeye has started its operations in Hargeisa on Feb 2018. It did not take long before Somalis understood the concept of ride sharing. Soon they were all on board. Both drivers and passengers flocking into the system. Now Dhaweeye had to expand their team, hire more engineers, management team and most importantly customer service representatives.