Why Dhaweeye?

Reliable fare price

Weather you pay by cash or with mobile money, Dhaweeye has several payment options for you.

Licensed by Local Authorities

Your Dhaweeye ride is legal and protected by local authorities.

Plenty of nearby drivers all day in all our cities.

The highest chance of getting a taxi coupled with a shorter waiting time when booking through Dhaweeye.

Fare Table

Standard Go
Booking Fee$0.5
Additional cost per Kilometer$0.5
Per-minute wait time$0.05
Minimum fare$1
Standard VIP
Test Fee$0.8
Test cost per Kilometer$0.5
Test-minute wait time$0.06
Test fare$1
Electric Taxi
1km to 10km25 cents every 400m
Above 10km25 cents every 350m
Midnight Surcharge50% of meter fare (midnight to 5.59am)
Booking FeePeak hour $3.30
Non-peak hour $2.30
Advance Booking $8
Surcharge may be applicable dependent on time and area.

Please be patient with us as we add more Electric Taxis on the road.

*Advance Booking and regular booking fees are applicable and the charges vary among different taxi companies

Dhaweeye is proud to partner with drivers from Comfort Taxi, CityCab Taxi, Premier Taxi, Prime Taxi, SMRT, TransCab.

How It Works

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Dhaweeye is a ride-sharing/taxi serive that connects you to drivers nearby. You can book Dhaweeye by download Dhaweeye App which is available on Play Store and App store. You can also book rides over the phone by calling 3000

Yes of course, you can request your driver to take a specific route, or pick up someone from another location. We will only charge you the distance fares and waiting time.